Academic council

Academic Council Chairman – A.I. Archakov (academician of RAS)

Vice-presidents – E.A. Ponomarenko (Ph.D.)

Scientific Secretary – E.A.Karpova (Ph.D.)

Academic Council includes 44 members (4 of them introduced)
Academic Council staff: academicians – 4, corresponding member – 3, professors – 12, professors RAS – 2, doctors of science – 13, candidated of science – 9.

Academic Council is a deliberative body of Institute’s self-government. The functions are as follows (according to Regulations):

  • examination of scientific and organizational activities mainstreams;
  • examination and approval of annual reports, Institute’s researches plans, SBIR perspective plans;
  • examination of questions on Institute’s economic activity;
  • examination of questions on scientific manpower, replacement of vacant positions;
  • approval of candidate’s and doctoral thesis’s themes, their progress analysis;
  • analyzing of Institute’s structure and members of staff list, making changes;
  • nomination of researches, discoveries, inventions for the nominal and governmental awards;
  • nomination and support of candidates full members (academicians) and corresponding members of Russian Academy of Medical Science, RussianAcademy of Sciences and other academies;
  • other questions examination concerning scientific, organizational and economical Institute’s activities;
  • Institute’s Regulations examination including adds-in and making changes.