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The main directions of research and development laboratories:

- Structure-activity and structure-property relationship, prediction of biological activity spectra, biotransformations and metabolism, toxicity of drug-like compounds in biological systems.
- Structure and function of biological macromolecules, analysis of the molecular mechanisms underlying the physiological and pathological processes in the organism.
- Evolution of regulatory signaling networks to search for promising pharmacological targets and their combinations, and analysis of molecular mechanisms of pharmacological and adverse effects in the organism.
- Methods and computer technologies for design & discovery of physiologically active compounds with the desired properties: development and validation.

Teaching by Research:

- Permanent staff and Ph.D. students of Laboratory of Structure-Function Based Drug Design provide lectures and seminars in the framework of special courses “Introduction to Bioinformatics”, “Current Problems of Biomedical Chemistry” and “Bioinformatics and Computer-Aided Drug Discovery” for students from Medico-Biological Faculty, Russian State Medical University (MBF RSMU).
- Students from some Moscow’s universities (RSMU, MSU, MIPT, MEPhI) perform their practical and diploma works in the Laboratory. The best ones continue their post-graduate studies, to earn Ph.D. Degree in Bioinformatics or Biochemistry.

Diploma works and Ph.D. Theses prepared in the Laboratory in the past years

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